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This blog is dedicated to rural land and maximizing its potential and our enjoyment of it. I’ve been blessed to have a 31-year career in forestland management and want to pass on some of what I’ve learned. I’ll be addressing questions and concerns that many landowners have and sharing my experiences and appreciation for rural land and the things that live and grow on it.

I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1987, with a degree in forestry/wildlife management. From there I worked for Louisiana Pacific Corporation for 15 years, a private consulting firm for 6 years, and started Forestland Associates, LLC in 2010. Forestland Associates is a small consulting firm that specializes in timber management, wildlife habitat management, and rural real estate sales. But more than that, we strive to help our clients achieve their goals and dreams for their land.

These posts will cover topics like wildlife habitat management (mostly deer & turkey), timber management, trespass issues, feral hogs, buying and selling land, and a host of other topics related to the outdoors and land ownership. Though there’ll be useful information for most land enthusiasts, it will mostly be from a southern perspective. My work is mostly in Louisiana, which is great for timber but not really known as a trophy deer mecca. The theme behind my habitat posts will be “making the best of what you have”. Let’s face it, quitting your job and moving to Iowa to become a farmer and grow big deer is cool and makes great television, but it’s just not reality for most of us. We’ve got to play the hand we’re dealt, so to speak. My strategies and methods certainly aren’t the only way of doing things but they’re what works for my clients and I. That being said, I’m still a student of outdoor stewardship and am always looking for better ways to meet our objectives.

So come along! I’m no grammar whiz and I’ll likely have spelling issues but maybe I can share some helpful information that I get asked about over and over from clients and other landowners. Until next post, take care and God bless!