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  • Amazing Antlers

    Antlers, those boney projections that cause us deer enthusiasts to dream about fall, even when it’s 100 degrees outside.  They are yet another fascinating aspect of white-tailed deer and other

  • Fawn Time!

    It’s that time again! Those bundles of cuteness are being born in many areas of the south. I had my first newborn fawn encounter of the year, in Louisiana, a

  • Know Where It Begins And Ends

    Know & Identify Your Property Boundaries. Simple enough, right?  But you might be surprised at the number of landowners I encounter that have never been to their property and don’t

  • Timber Tax Basis

    There are several bits of advice I wish I could give all landowners.  I’ve already covered one in a previous post, locate and mark your property’s boundaries.  Another would be

  • Prescribed Fire – A Forgotten Tool

    I’ve touched on the benefits of prescribed burning in other posts before but I wanted to dig a little deeper into this neglected forest management tool.  I realize that “fire”

  • Deer Habitat and Pine Plantations

    This post will discuss managing wildlife habitat in pine plantations.  My primary focus will be on deer but many species benefit from this intensive management, especially turkeys.  I estimate that

  • Managing Timber AND Wildlife

    As a forest resource consultant, I work with private landowners who are at both ends of the timber/wildlife spectrum.  Some are only concerned with maximizing timber production while others see

  • Herbicide – Friend or Bogeyman?

    Friend.  Since one word doesn’t count as an article, I suppose I should expound a little bit before signing off.  Before I begin, let me do some housekeeping by defining

  • The Dirty Lowdown

    In my last post, I addressed how to measure square feet or acreage of an area. Though this applies to any area you want to measure, I specifically had food

  • So How Big Is It Anyway?

    Spring is here and all of us green thumb wannabes start thinking about planting and growing stuff. Whether it’s flower beds, gardens, warm season food plots, or even lawns, there’s